It’s Trustees’ Week…

It’s Trustees’ Week 2023 (6th—10th November 2023) so we asked some of our Trustees to share their story and tell us why they decided to become an Accuro Trustee. Here’s what they said…

“I have worked in the charity sector for nearly 15 years, for organisations working to empower people with a learning disability to live the life they choose and to have their voices heard.  I do not work locally, so I joined Accuro as a Trustee to use my knowledge to help those where I live, to give something back to my local community. I believe in the values of Accuro and do my best to support the organisation, so the people we support can live the life they want to live.”
Marie, Accuro Trustee

“I became a Trustee at Accuro about 4 years ago, a friend who worked there knew they were looking for new members and thought I might be interested. I had been a school governor at a secondary special school and also at a local primary school for many years, and she thought I might have some relevant skills. I arranged to see the then CEO to find out more about the organisation, met the staff, sat in on a meeting and was delighted to join after that.

Being a Trustee is very similar to the role of school governor, so I did have a rough understanding of the role before hand. As a governor, I had completed quite a few training courses including several about safeguarding of young people which is paramount in schools. I was able to bring my knowledge about safeguarding to the Board and have taken on the role of Trustee with responsibility for Safeguarding.

I visited the Saturday Play Club which gave me a real insight into the work Accuro do and it was a pleasure to see the children enjoying the various activities. Seeing first hand what Accuro is all about was very rewarding, confirmed my commitment to the work we do and I hope to pay some more visits soon! Being a Trustee is very worthwhile, giving some of my spare time to Accuro makes me feel that I am contributing to the community and supporting adults and young people with a disability, enabling them to make friends, become self-confident and be more independent. I find that very rewarding and am pleased to be part of Accuro.”
Annette, Accuro Trustee

“I approached Accuro to become a trustee as I had previously worked for the charity operationally. I felt my career had provided me with some transferable skills to support Accuro with business planning and development, and I already believed in the charity’s ethos. I enjoy being part of something where decisions are made to make a positive difference to local families. The passion of the staff and trustees at Board meetings is obvious and it’s great to see the progress of projects and positive feedback from services users and families. It makes me feel proud that I can play a small part in the success of Accuro!”
Jess, Accuro Trustee