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Utility Warehouse (UW) is a trusted provider in the UK that offers bundle deals to help customers save money and simplify their household expenses. With over 25 years of experience and a customer base of over 800,000, UW has established itself as a reliable option for those seeking affordable services. By bundling energy, broadband, mobile, and insurance into one convenient package, UW allows customers to streamline their bills and unlock additional savings.

Harriet is a dedicated UW Partner with over 12 years’ experience, she is passionate about helping customers save money through simplicity. Through bundle deals, Harriet aims to make life easier for customers, giving them the peace of mind that comes with having everything in one place.

The bundle deals offered by UW are designed to provide maximum convenience and savings. By switching to UW for energy, customers can benefit from the UK’s cheapest variable energy tariff, helping to reduce those dreaded energy bills. But the savings don’t stop there. When customers bundle their energy with UW’s broadband, mobile, and insurance services, the advantages multiply. They can enjoy lightning-fast broadband, unlimited mobile plans, and the added security of home insurance and boiler cover.

One of the key advantages of UW’s bundle deals is the Bill Busting Boost. By combining services, customers can receive a boost of up to £150, giving them even more savings to enjoy. This extra cash is a testament to UW’s commitment to helping customers save money and improve their financial well-being.

Utility Warehouse customers can also enjoy the benefits of the UW cashcard — a prepaid Mastercard that offers convenience, cashback rewards, and budgeting control.

Utility Warehouse customer Sue says “I have been delighted with the savings I have made since signing up to a bundle deal with Utility Warehouse in 2020. We have saved nearly £1000 on bills annually and between £300 and £500 through use of the UW cashcard. I would urge anyone to at least look at possible savings through UW as you just never know how much you could save,”

Harriet has partnered with Accuro to offer a donation of £50 to the charity every time a new customer signs up with UW. To find out more and start saving with UW whilst supporting Accuro, just reach out to Harriet quoting ACCURO.


Harriet’s contact details, more information about UW and bundle deals can be found here

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For specific information and the latest offers, customers should visit the official Utility Warehouse website or contact Harriet directly.