We need your support!

We need your votes!

Accuro have been nominated for the Aviva Community Fund to support our Adult Friendship Scheme, and now we need your votes.

The funding we would receive from Aviva would enable us to run social evenings for adults with a learning disability in Harlow for one year.

For some people, their trip to Accuro is one of the only times they leave their house during the week.

It’s really important the we continue to provide these opportunities, for local adults with a disability, to meet and make friends, reducing loneliness and social isolation.

So, how can you vote? 💻📱
Click on this link to sign up and vote for the Adult Friendship Scheme – https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voti…/project/view/4-1088

You get 10 votes and you can use all of these on Accuro!

Please share with all your friends and family and ask them to vote for us 😀

Thank you for your continued support!

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