Liam has been a member at Accuro’s Cool Connections Club and Holiday Scheme in Harlow for nearly a year. In this interview, Accuro Fundraising Manager Sue Fishpool asked Regina, Liam’s Mum about what being part of Accuro has meant to Liam and the family. 

 Q. How much difference has joining Accuro made to Liam prior to the Coronavirus pandemic?

A. Joining the Cool Connections and the Holiday Scheme has been brilliant in bringing Liam out of his shell. He wouldn’t associate with other disabled children and failed to fit in, so he needed help to connect with his peer group and other children similar to him. At Cool Connections Liam has understood that it is ok to be different and he really fits in and is not so isolated. It is wonderful that he has gone from such a sad boy to a happy child who wants to go to the club, asking to go every week.

Liam has been able to develop a great rapport with the staff and volunteers at the club and this has helped him to have a great sense of belonging to Accuro. I can say that since Liam joined there has been such an improvement, we would be lost without Accuro now. 

Q.How about your relationship with the Club Coordinators and Staff as Liam’s parent?

A. Our relationship is fantastic, I absolutely trust the staff to care for my son when he is at Clubs. It was wonderful that we received a visit from Alison, the Operations Manager before Liam visited as it gave the Club staff an insight into things that Liam enjoys, and he felt included straight away. Maria, the Club Coordinator keeps me informed of his progress, children just thrive there. Liam has thrived. 

 Q. Can you tell me how the coronavirus pandemic has affected you?

A. It has been very, very difficult. We were really getting somewhere with Liam but since lockdown he has been very frustrated, anxious and stressed.  


Q. Have the virtual activities organised by Accuro to stay connected made a difference?

A. Zoom has been great as it has allowed Liam to feel less isolated than he may have done. It reminds him that his friends are still there, and he can’t wait to get back into the Club. We have also enjoyed the quiz and bingo night Accuro did on facebook and participated as a family which was lovely.

 Q. Have you been in touch with Accuro in other ways?

A. Yes, we have regular calls with Maria the Club Coordinator and other members of staff. They are great and check in with Liam to see how he is doing but what I have been so impressed with is that they also check in with the parents, it is so reassuring.

Q. In 3 words can you describe how you feel about Accuro?

A. Supported, caring and uplifting.