Accuro have been a lifeline for Sophia during lockdown. It’s wonderful so see her so happy and to hear her having fun on the zoom sessions. 

Sophia joined Accuro’s Loughton Youth Group in February just weeks before lockdown. In this interview, Accuro Fundraising Manager Sue Fishpool asked Ana, Sophia’s Mum about how Accuro has made a difference for Sophia and the family in recent months. 

Q. How did you hear about Accuro and the services available?

I had known about Accuro for some time from a coffee morning at Sophia’s school and had been trying to find something for her for a while, but it was only when I saw an update on facebook about an opening at Loughton that I made contact. Sophia usually finds new things difficult but after her first session in February she was sold straight away and just wanted to keep going. It was so sad that she had only just joined before everything went into lockdown. 

Q. How did Sophia find the change to virtual Club sessions?

Sophia really looks forward to the zoom sessions, they have been a lifeline for Sophia during lockdown, she has had very little interaction with other friends during this time. It’s wonderful to see her so happy and to hear her having fun. She would normally be unsure and lack the confidence to get involved but now she is having a go and engaging with the activities and is gaining in confidence. Her social skills have improved, and she thinks of the other members as her friends. 

Q. It’s fantastic to hear that Sophia has gained in confidence, is there anything in particular that you think has helped to achieve this?

I think that Sophia is just accepted by the other members at Accuro for being herself and this is great encouragement for her. She is encouraged to get involved and I think it is so important to be encouraged by your peers. Sophia is in mainstream school and at the age of 13 it can be hard for her to be accepted as friendships move on. 

 Q. How do you feel as a family about your relationship with Accuro?

We are over the moon, we can’t praise Accuro enough. I am so pleased that she has the group to connect with as it can be difficult with working from home. I wish we had connected with Accuro before, but we are so pleased she has the group now.

 Q. Do you see Accuro being a part of the future for Sophia?

Yes, Sophia needs to have an operation in Mid-August which will need several weeks convalescence. We hope that Accuro will be able to play a part in her recovery and that she will be able to return to club as soon as she is able to. She looks forward to seeing her friends and it will be wonderful for her to continue to see then on zoom as she recovers. It will be something for her to look forward to.


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