Taking on the FordRide London — Lynn’s story

Lynn is a parent of one of our members and will be taking on the 60 mile FordRide London route on Sunday 26th May in aid of Accuro. Lynn tells us why she is taking on this challenge…

My son and I moved to Waltham Abbey last January and I was looking for some SEN supported activities that he could get involved with. That was when I came across Accuro. I got in touch and soon after he was attending some of the holiday activities. My son is 13 and has Autism. I was impressed from the start and realised the people that work at Accuro are experienced and I felt confident that if something triggers my son, that the staff will de-escalate it quickly and my son’s self-esteem will still be intact. My son was immediately immersed because he spent the first day supported by Rhiannon and was seriously impressed she liked Minecraft and Star Wars! He was in heaven and remembers it fondly to this day.

I am a single parent and having a bit of time to myself is crucial to me maintaining my well-being. Accuro allows me this because I have so much faith in them and I can relax when my son is in their care. I am sorry Accuro doesn’t get more funding as they could provide more services if they did, for instance, more youth groups. My son would like to attend and is currently on the waiting list — I think it would be great for him. Accuro Clubs are a great opportunity for my son to enjoy and participate in inclusive events with amazing staff.

When I saw the newsletter looking for people to cycle in RideLondon and fundraise for Accuro I decided I would challenge myself and give something back to Accuro at the same time. I have raised my target twice now and hope to raise close to five hundred pounds. I was a keen cyclist before I had my son and did ride distances of 60 miles at times. Only last year, now that my son is a bit older, have I been able to get back to my cycling. I regularly rude twice a week now (mostly a mountain bike) and am counting on my fitness to see me through the 60 miles. I am also excited about riding on roads with no cars — an absolute treat! Go Accuro, go!

If you would like to donate to Lynn’s fundraising page, please click on the link below…

Accuro: Lynn’s page raising funds for Accuro (care services) (enthuse.com)

Thank you for your support!