The Accuro logo with a picture of the book.

Kids and Their Toys 2022 Book Project

Last year, Harlow-based professional photographer Sue Kennedy started a project — ‘Kids & Their Toys’ — calling for children of all ages to sit for a photoshoot with their favourite toy.

There was a lot of interest in the project and each participating family were required to make a donation to Accuro upon registering.

The final 27 photos were compiled together into a published book at the end of the year. The photos are accompanied by a caption from the child’s parents, explaining their child’s special relationship with their favourite toy, telling the unique story behind each stunning image.

An opened book, with text on the left hand page and a picture of a young boy, in a striped t shirt, holding two cuddly toys on the right page.

In the introduction to the book, Sue Kennedy says “I wanted to truly celebrate those adventures and the most powerful connection of love between a child and their special toy. I hope the finished book is both a treasured keepsake and a little piece of social history about kids and their favourite toys in 2022.”

Sue asked for the general public to vote for their favourite photo to become the book’s cover image, the result being a little girl called Leila and her beloved ‘bear’ who is “her ultimate go to comfort through both her bad days and the good!”

An opened book with text on the left hand page and a picture of a girl with pigtails and her Minnie Mouse toy on the right hand page.

As well as the registration donation, all book sale proceeds have gone directly to the charity, raising a fantastic total of £1,415 for Accuro.

In the Foreword to the book, Fundraising Manager, Sue Fishpool, says “Thank you so much to Sue Kennedy, for creating this wonderful project and choosing to support the local charity Accuro. This project gives us the opportunity to raise our profile and create awareness of our services in West Essex.”

If you want to find out more about Sue Kennedy’s amazing work, please visit her website here for her full list of photography services and latest offers.