5 ways that £5 can make a difference this #5KMay

May is officially National Walking Month! Challenge yourself to a 5K walk at any time throughout the month of May.

There are so many ways to make a difference this #5KMay – you could even take on part of the Accuro 50 Route for your 5K!

You could simply walk 5K, donate £5 and nominate 5 friends to do the same – or even go one step further (get it??) and set up a fundraising page and ask your family, friends or colleagues to sponsor your walking challenge.

When you support a small charity like Accuro, your donation can go a long way. Here are 5 ways that just £5 could make a difference…

  • £5 could sponsor a member for one hour at an Accuro Youth Group, allowing them the opportunities to make friends, build confidence and self-esteem and have fun!
  • It could also allow us to print a stack of leaflets, helping us to spread the Accuro message far and wide!
  • It could pay for a small sensory toy to be enjoyed by members at our clubs and services.
  • A £5 spend on a Facebook Ad could increase our reach significantly, allowing us to reach people we otherwise may not have. This could mean someone hears about and then joins an Accuro club.
  • It could even pay for some ingredients for a cooking session at one of our clubs, giving members the opportunity to develop valuable life-skills. 

And raising just £25 means you could tick off every item on this list!

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Fundraise for Accuro or Donate for 5K May by clicking here.