Elodie’s Volunteer Diary: My First Review

Hi everyone, Elodie here. Welcome back to my Volunteer Diary!

Recently, I had a volunteer review which gave me a chance to reflect on my time with Accuro so far. I must admit, I was initially quite nervous, as review meetings can be a nerve racking experience and I’d not had one before, but as I was given a heads up about it beforehand and it actually made me reminisce, making me remember why I love volunteering here so much.

I have realised just how much I have learned so far through volunteering, such as how to use the editing software Canva.

The meeting gave me the opportunity to realise what parts I enjoyed and work well at and we also worked together to identify where I could improve which was great as I always want to improve and keep learning.

Another beneficial element of the meeting was that I got the chance to properly discuss how to gain more opportunities at Accuro. In the future, I hope to get more involved in the charity’s community work. Thereby helping to broaden my skill set as well as the hope of gaining a deeper understanding of the impact volunteering has on the community. I have also been offered the opportunity to get involved in helping with Accuro’s upcoming events, which I’m really looking forward to as Accuro heads into it’s busiest fundraising season.

So, maybe I’ll see you at an Accuro event in the near future!