Charity Photoshoots with Sue Kennedy

The below post is from the fantastic and very kind Photographer, Sue Kennedy, who is offering 10 family portrait sessions in return for a £50 donation to Accuro.

So take a look around your house, when was the last time you had professional portraits created of your family? How old are your children in the photos displayed on your walls? Is it time for an update?

Displaying family photos prominently in the home is scientifically proven to help boost self-esteem. It sends the message that our family, and the people in it, are important to one another. I want that for every family! I want every person to not only see, but feel the warmth, love, and happiness that a family portrait can bring. They make a house a home.

Frequently, families wait for the “perfect time” or they put the idea of a new family photo on the back burner because everyone seems to be “too busy,” or you tell yourself you “want to lose 10 pounds,” or maybe it seems overwhelming. Before you know it, another year has passed and we’ve missed the opportunity to capture the important moments of your children while they are young.

So here’s the thing; I want you to let go of all the excuses, carve a little time into your schedule, love who you are right now, and allow me to create a family portrait you will LOVE!

If you have ever wondered when the perfect time to capture the special moments with your family is, the answer is RIGHT NOW!

Hoping to see you & your family soon

P.S. if you still need to book a session for our October/Number Autumn Portraits I still have a few appointments left, but the times are filling quickly. You can book your own here, and help me raise money for local charity Accuro, as I will be donating the £50 booking fee to them, AND you also receive a framed 8″ print as a thank you.