#TryInJuly suggestions – what will you try?

#TryInJuly is a fundraising challenge for everybody – we’re encouraging you to try something new every day for 7 days in July. You can pick your week, your fundraising target and your new things to try. For more information and to start your own fundraising page, click here.

Want to take part but not sure where to start? Here are some of our suggestions for new things you could try during your challenge:


Try a new morning routine – start your day off in a different way by shaking up your morning routine, you could get up a different time, try a new breakfast or add in some morning yoga, there are endless ways to switch it up and you might even find something you love!

Learn a new language – you could perfect how to say hello and goodbye and how to introduce yourself in a new language, or perhaps learn to count to ten, or ask for directions. Duolingo is fun, free app that you can use to get started.

Try a new look – you could put together an outfit you’ve never worn before or test out a new hairstyle – if you’re feeling brave you could even try out a new haircut or colour.

Rearrange your space – give your home a fresh new look by rearranging your furniture or arranging things in a new way. You could rearrange your bookshelves or hang a new painting – something small can make a huge difference.

A new route – this could mean trying a new running route, driving a different way to work or to the shops. Wherever you’re going, why not try a new way of getting there – you may even find you prefer it. Perhaps have Google Maps handy though, just in case!

Go tech-free – if you’re feeling brave, why not try a tech-free day? No phones, computers, TV or games for a whole day. Time to dig out the board games!

Taste a new food – Perhaps pick up an exotic looking fruit or vegetable on your next trip to the supermarket, choose a different sandwich filling for your lunch or even cook an entirely new recipe altogether. If you need inspiration, our Accuro Cookbook has plenty of tasty recipes for you to try.

Do something that scares you – This could be a new class at the gym, singing in front of a friend or family member or even watching a scary movie that you haven’t seen before.

Find a new favourite – Try a new movie, read a new book, play a new game or find some new music – you never know what you’ll find!

Make something old, something new! – You could even pick an old hobby and turn it into something new. If you play an instrument perhaps, try learning a new piece of music. You could try a position you’ve never attempted before in yoga or a new technique in your favourite sport. Artists could try a new medium, you could even make a weekly challenge of creating art in seven different mediums, one for each day!

Elodie’s Picks
If you find yourself really stuck one day, why not try some of our Volunteer Elodie’s suggestions for quick, fun and simple things to try:
Learn a tiktok dance
Read a chapter of a new book
Turn off your phone for an hour a day
Learn a new card game or trick
Create a short story
If you have pets, why not get them involved by teaching them a new trick?
Learn something by heart, a rap, a Shakespeare sonnet, a song, a poem, a monologue from a movie, your 8 times tables – the possibilities are endless!
Allow someone you know to choose your clothes for a day
Wear a different makeup look or style your hair differently
Dress in a completely different style
Live like you are in another decade for a day or week
Try spotting how many different types of birds you see in a day


The possibilities are completely endless. Your new things could be big or small, life changing or just a bit of fun. Whatever you try, we hope you have fun and we can’t wait to see what you get up to!