Accuro Clothes Swap

Accuro Clothes Swap Fundraiser – Why Swap?

Did you know that around £3.5 billion is spent on Christmas Party Clothing every year in the UK? Around 8 million of those items will likely end up in Landfill after just one wear.*

It is also believed that up to 85% of plastic pollution in the ocean is due to microfibers from synthetic clothing.*

Sustainable fashion is more important than ever and that’s why Sunday 9th February will see Accuro’s first #SwapBeforeYouShop Clothes Swapping event here at Tocher House.

We’re holding a Clothes Swap or ‘Swishing’ fundraiser, not only to raise vital funds for our charity, but also to promote eco-friendly living and more awareness around ‘fast-fashion’.

The swap will run from 12:30pm-2:30pm. You can arrive at any time, though we recommend arriving early while there’s plenty of choice!

So, how does it work?

Tickets are £10 and can be bought online or by emailing us on A limited number of tickets will be available on the door, but we recommend booking in advance.

We ask that you bring three or more items of clothing or accessories all laundered and in good condition – no damage or stains.

You will get a token for each item that you bring (up to 10 tokens, though if you’d like to donate more than 10 you’re more than welcome!)

Trade each token for a new to you item donated by other attendees. You can take up to 10 items with tokens. Any additional items can be taken for a suggested donation of £1 each.

We are accepting items of all ages, sizes and genders, though we do anticipate mostly Women’s Clothing so please keep this in mind.

Please no shoes, loungewear, underwear, swimwear or pyjamas.

What else can you do?

Why stop at our event? You could hold your own Swap-Shop fundraiser at home! Simply invite your friends and ask them to donate a small amount to bring their pre-loved items to swap with others. If you’d like to run your own Clothes Swap for Accuro, you can download our handy help sheet here.

*Sources: The Guardian, The Green Hub