Holiday Scheme Chef Training

Holiday Scheme fun in October Half Term!

This October Half term, the Holiday Scheme was packed full of fun, exciting activities!

On Tuesday in Harlow, we took part in Chef Training in Harlow. We learned all about proper food hygiene and how to stay safe around common hazards in the kitchen. We prepared three courses putting the new skills we’d learned to the test. This included preparing yummy vegetables for mini quiches, getting messy kneading and rolling out our own pasta dough and showing our creativity with chocolate fruit bowls made with balloons.

Wednesday was time for some Science! We collected our train tickets at Loughton Train Station and travelled to South Kensington on the tube. When we got there, we headed for the Science Museum and learned lots about technology and outer-space. We learned lots, practised travelling on the tube and had fun with friends!

We also spent a day at Lakeside Shopping Centre and another going Swimming. All of the activities were a great success and everyone who attended had a brilliant time.

Our Holiday Scheme is developed with the young people who use the scheme in mind. We aim to provide outings and activities that are fun and engaging for those attending, while also providing a safe, welcoming environment in which our service users can spend time with their friends and learn and develop valuable life skills.

If you’d like to learn more about our Holiday Scheme, please get in touch. If you or someone you know would like to attend, please speak to our Holiday Scheme coordinator Rhiannon on